Democritus University of Thrace


Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) was established in 1973 with a vision to become a leader in Education and Research and support the Development of the Northeastern part of Greece, namely Prefecture of East Macedonia and Thrace. DUTH was named "Democritus" after the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus, who hailed from the town of Abdera in Thrace. The administration of DUTH is headquartered in Komotini, the capital city of the Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace, but the University operates in all major cities of Thrace, with nine Departments in Komotini, five in Xanthi, four in Alexandroupolis and two in Orestiada. Overall, more than 30.000 students are studying currently at DUTH at undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral level.

Within the changing global environment, DUTH continues to aim both at educational and research excellence building upon the challenges and demands of the 21st century; DUTH is constantly seeking to improve the quality of teaching that it offers to the students by introducing and applying modern and effective approaches and methodologies. Additionally, DUTH bases its research strategy upon innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, the new digital era, the growth of large-scale research and the pursuit of financial resources from various agencies both in Greece and abroad.

Internationalisation is inherent part of DUTH Development Strategy, one of its major strategic priorities and, a key factor not only for responding to challenges, changing needs and the rapidly evolving Education and Science frontiers, but also for enhancing the quality of education and research it provides; thus, DUTH constantly strives to maintain high-quality and mutually beneficial strategic partnerships and to establish novel. The ERASMUS program has played since 1996 key role in has successfully supported DUTH’s internationalisation as host and home institution for hundreds of incoming and outgoing students and teaching and administrative staff of DUTH as well as of partners Institutions.

Europe Direct Eastern Macedonia & Thrace


The Europe Information Center Europe Direct Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (EMTH) is hosted by the Democritus University of Thrace and has as its area of ​​activity the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. It is a member of a large family that numbers 17 respective Centers in Greece and 440 in the member states of the European Union and operated under the responsibility of the European Commission.

Εurope Direct EMTH act as a first entry-point in the European Union for citizens, providing information about the EU and in particular the areas that have an impact on the daily lives of citizens. Provide timely and valid information, advice, assistance and answers to more specific questions about the EU and its citizens' rights, priorities, legislation, policies, programs and funding opportunities and also promote the participatory exercise of citizenship through various communication tools.

Its mission is to be a reliable center for the provision of integrated information services based on the knowledge, specialization and experience of its executives. Europe Direct EMTH, through its networking with other EU information and assistance networks, also it provides citizens with impartial, direct, valid and high-quality information services, advice, assistance and answers to questions about the EU.